Outdoor games for kids

When we were kids, we spent almost his entire summer vacation outdoors, playing various games. This rule even during breaks at school. Come to think of fun and quite throughout the day without any of today’s modern technology. Several days in a row, we present these interesting games called “classic” and which are most suitable for the summer. They play in every corner of the Earth and are great. We will introduce only the basic rules for them, you can develop them as you please and add other interesting items. Just use your imagination and give yourself an unforgettable summer.

The first game is well known to all, we are sure to you, but it is one of the best and you must present it. Called hide and seek, and they say as more and zhmichka, zhumenka and all such derivatives. Everyone has played this game. Even most parents played with their children, as hiding and finding it very interesting for young children. I’ve heard of any variations of this game. Sometimes the child is looking count to twenty, sometimes ten, sometimes up to a hundred. Sometimes there is a base in the player is in a “safe zone” and sometimes just waiting to be found. The basic idea is that a player closes his eyes and counts to a number without looking, then he or she is trying to find others who have to hide themselves in the most secret places, has to be more interesting.

The next summer classic game similar to hide and seek so we included it here. Called “kick the box.” One person or team of people who are defined as “team” put a box in the middle of the playing field. Others run away and hide, while the “team” cover your eyes and count to a certain number. Then trying to find any. If a player is found, it becomes part of the search team and began to seek. As if he found the box and kicked it again became part of the hiding team. So together while not all be found.