Fun Summer Games

So expected by all summer is here and although rainy, summer is summer. Time for rest and games outside. I must say that the summer games are an excellent way to fun and development. Besides being very nice to spend the whole day out with friends, without thinking about school lessons and homework and at the same time to influence, good and physical health. Summer – this is the best time of year to recuperate after the hard year. Maybe you have not noticed, but in the summer everyone, children and adults seem to have more power and definitely more time. All will agree that games in the fresh air are very useful, interesting and varied. Although the weather now is not very nice to play around outside, even for one hour gives is great.
There are many summer games, some of which do not know exactly where they came from, and others you invent yourself. Today we present two great summer games which Russian children adore and play anywhere. Throughout the summer, all over Russia, you can see children playing on:

“Mack and Rose” – is a modern variant of the notorious hide and seek. It is suitable especially for children over 7 years, but of course smaller and can be included in your game. To make the game interesting you should be more than six and you have to find and presenter. It defines the territory game and also held and solves disputes have arisen during the game. But do not think that the lead or “poppy” only doing it and count. So you have to pick and place, as to lean on a tree, close your eyes and count to 30 while the other, “Roses” hide. Once finished counting the poppy began to seek other. As soon as you see where some hid, he quickly went to the place which is definitely counting and says: “Knock, knock, I knew where … (name of player). It lies (where))! Ah! this rose! “. So the game continues until the lead did not find any children.
If you liked the game and want to continue, then leading it, who was found last and everything starts again.

Another interesting game is called “Ali Baba”, as it will need at least 20 interested. Divide into two teams with equal number of players. After the children that both teams should be placed next to each other, to catch each teammate’s hand and stand one team against another at a distance of 2 meters. Prior to this, in a way that you choose, you decide which team to start first. We forgot to mention that each team should have a speaker. Once you have determined which team is first, his spokesman said: “Ali Baba, we need servant! Let this be (name of the child from the other team)”. Hear his name and puts his teammates must try to pass through the line of the other team. If it fails for three minutes, it stays there, and if it succeeds, it chooses one person to go to his team. The winner is the team that left only one other participant.