Fun with the grandkids

Grandparents And Grandchildren Relaxing On Beach Holiday[/caption]Yesterday my daughter called, that she will bring the twins on Saturday and Sunday. There will be unforeseen expenditures. Both six years old robber to us alive and healthy, regularly emptied my wallet. I shared with a friend and she gave me great easy ideas on how to have fun with her granddaughters no money or very little money. Suitable for all who spend summer vacation at the cottage or village where there is less entertainment than in the city.

For babies:
Many successful pacifiers will make of cloth with buttons sewn on it in different colors and sizes. Beware fabric and yarn to be healthy and well-stitched buttons. If you have a colorful fabric with bright colors – even better. Use fabric and buttons from old clothes. You can make a few. Washed easily in the washing machine and scratching well gums.

For younger children:
Dough game is a great salvation. Knead the flour, water, plenty of salt and a little oil. You can divide the mixture into several parts, each part with a different color dye eggs or powdered juices (stepchetata). With so prepared mixture can model small figurines, abstract mural wall beads for a necklace and others. Let them dry for some time or bake them in the oven at low temperature. In the beads insert toothpicks to form a hole.

For larger:
Little ball of rugged and densely vetbond tissue cloth (old jeans are ideal) filled with rice, wheat, lentils or beans … Maybe Lace and crochet, if you know how. Older children can kick her high like a football and her submit to one another – quite a stir and develop reflexes to catch.
The game can be useful for a small child. Make him a few balls in different colors, materials and various grains crushed to develop the senses.

Play on words. One begins to recite the alphabet in mind, the other says stop. With this letter invent different words: fruits, vegetables, flowers, names of people. Play on countries, cities, plants, animals, people’s names. This game is suitable for students of 2-3 grade and up.

Teach children to line up solitaire with cards – a logic game that develops patience.

Games with grandparents often more fun than those with Mom and Dad, because pensioners have more free time and more patient.
Pleasant and cheerful activities!